Monday, January 31, 2011

Small & Loud

This is what I have been carrying around in my bag for the past few days...:)

Any guesses what it is? It's a mini speaker! Hahah...these are X-Mini capsule speakers to be exact, courtesy of Atikom...thank you!! :)

Because of S, I have developed a greater love for gadgets...but on the other hand, I have made S become so much into shoes as well hehehehe...oh well :D

This speaker is so handy (and good!!) for people like me who enjoys listening music especially from my handphone...but of course you could also plug it into your computer or laptop....:)

There's also one for S...the white one...:)

If you're interested to in these X-Mini speakers, you can visit here for more info...shout out "Hot Chocolate" on their facebook page and receive 20% discount off...yay! :)

Village Cure

Delirium top, DR for Bloop Endorse skirt, Dorothy Perkins tights, Allura by Nasya Marissa flower necklace, Clementine bag, Up wedges

Queen B

This is it! Results from last week's Style Renewal by project...yayyy! :)

What do you guys think? :D

Before the D-day, I decided to meet B in person by inviting her for dinner and window shopping...I just felt that is was really important to know her personality & preferences well before I can actually decide what style suits her best...from our chat, I could tell that B was rather boyish, goes for simple & easy-to-wear clothes, does not like loud patterns or prints, and likes to dress rather sexy heheheh...

This is her everyday style...:)

And this is how I styled her...:)


Thank you so much to for the opportunity to style such a gorgeous lady...I hope you like it, B! :)

Up wedges

Check out other girls with their new transformed style here! :)

* Last two pictures courtesy of Michelle Koesnadi of Glisters & Blisters...thanks, love!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Marcela - Rue St-Martin - Paris

hebergeur image

Fur Cap Vintage
Cape Coat by Barabara Igongini
Bag Vintage


Without you I'm still me. But with you, I'm a better me.

Lou Doillon - Paris Fashion Week

hebergeur image

The Wheels Keep Spinning

Hi, everyone...:)

I really apologize for not being active and swift in replying to your emails & blog comments lately...although I do still slip some time to blog, I don't quite have the energy to respond to each and every question I receive, but I promise you I do read them...and thank you very much...:')

Life's been really crazy on my side and it's occupying my mind a lot...I'm amazed and grateful by how much love you all give for my shoe line, Up, and because of that, I'll be insya Allah opening a store very very soon...I hope this new store will allow us to interact & serve you better, allowing Up to progress and become a better brand...I'm sooooooooooo excited...I hope everything will run smooth..amin ya Allah...:')

Aside from Up, I'm also currently developing a new business, not fashion-related, but I can assure you it's just as fact, it's so exciting that I'm in love with it hahah...I can't reveal what it's about yet, but I'll keep you guys posted! :)

And can also read my writings on every issue of Cosmogirl!...:)

I guess that's about it for now...again, thank you so much for the very kind comments and emails, everyone...I'm trying my best to reply them all...much love! :)


Tasha de Vasconcelos - Paris Fashion Week

hebergeur image

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Marine - Rue Cambon - Paris

hebergeur image

" ... My name is Marine. I work as Jeune Fille au Pair.
For me Fashion is a Touch of Style. Today, my look
is casual with a touch of excentricity. I love to have fun.
I hate Materialism. My message to the world: Enjoy !..."

I wear T-Shirt- Blazer & Jeans by Monki
Sweater-Scarf-Cap by H&M
Sneakers by Reebok
Bag by Asos
Perfume: Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf

Music & Books

It was a good day because...

1. I had a productive meeting...:)

2. Spent my Saturday night shopping very good books with S...:)

Velvet cape & shorts, Old Blossom Box top & brooch, gifted pouch-bracelet, Zara clogs

3. I have new CDs! Yay!! :)

Yuna - courtesy of Jezmine Blossom...thanks, love! :)

The XX

Friday, January 28, 2011

Lady In Red Finished Day 1

Day 1 of BLOGGER YARD SALE pt.4+ done! Yayyyyyyy!! :)

Gifted dress, Atmosphere blazer, Topshop tights, various brooches, Up wedges
Thank you soooooo much for dropping by & shopping...was fun! I myself shopped an awful lot from Jezmine Blossom...her stuff are just toooooo cuuuuuuteeee....:D

Good luck for tomorrow, guys! :)

PS: So happy to see Cindy of Only I in Up wedges...yay! :')