Saturday, May 19, 2012

When Roses Are Blue & Skies Are Red

First of all, pls do notice that this is not a hate message and I'm not a hater. However I find it kind of ridiculous that you love compliments so much (about how your fans tweeted to you, saying "kak Diana is so pretty" etc etc) and you're going on like spreading those compliments so the world will know about your admired beauty. (so far, it's all that i see) I know it's really good of you for being confident but I just want you to also think about people who criticized you. There must be some strong reasons. My honest opinion is, yes you're pretty but sometimes you make so weird faces that I loathe it and wanna puke. No offense. Your statement towards the person who said "Love the clothes, not the face" is so ...what's it, childish. I really dont like your statement about your unsureness that the person also has a pretty face. It sounds like you really cant accept the fact that some people just dont like your appearance.